Contact: Melinda Makowsky 
Phone: (334) 271-9000 

Halcyon Elementary Library

The Halcyon Library welcomes students, parents, and community members!


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:15-3:00

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Library Schedule

We practice an OPEN ACCESS schedule meaning students and teachers have access to the library media center throughout the day.  We also operate both FIXED and FLEXIBLE schedules.  The FIXED schedule includes an assigned time for each homeroom to visit the library for library class each week.  Teachers and students can also schedule additional time with Ms. Makowsky to use the library resources during the FLEX time slots.

You may access our library's Online Public Access Catalog
 from home using this link:

Halcyon OPAC

Student Checkout Limits:
Kindergarten students may check out just one book at a time. 
First grade students will begin the year checking out one book but will increase to two books being checked out once they show they are responsible enough for this task.
Grades 2 - 5 may check out a total of 2 books at a time.  If a student needs extra time to finish reading their book, he/she may renew it one time. Otherwise, the books become overdue after two weeks. In case of special needs, more books may be checked out. Remember, your public library has a great selection of books, too!

Lost or Damaged Books:
We do not charge overdue fines, however, students may not check out books if they have an overdue book. If their book is missing or lost, the student should check with the librarian to see if the book got back to the shelves without being checked in. If the book is not found after a reasonable search, the child is expected to pay for the missing or damaged book so they can resume checking out. 


There are many opportunities for volunteers to help out in the
 library. For example, we need volunteers to monitor check out, shelve books, help with displays, read with students, and other miscellaneous tasks. We welcome your help! If you would like to become a library volunteer, please come by to see Ms. Makowsky!

 Please see the forms and links tab for additional resources. 

We look forward to meeting and serving ALL of our Halcyon Family!